5 Ways CX Is Like Dating

5 Ways CX Is Like Dating

All marketers want to create the kinds of experiences and interactions that engender loyalty and encourage customers to become brand advocates. But just like the dating experience, the customer journey from awareness to brand advocacy isn’t always predictable or easily navigated.

As customers go through the stages from awareness to advocacy, they tend to become more emotionally invested in the brand relationship. Take a look at our infographic illustrating the five ways the customer experience is similar to the dating experience.

Let’s face it – not every customer is going to become a brand advocate, no matter how satisfied and loyal they are to your products and services. Marriage isn’t for everyone, and neither is becoming a brand advocate. There’s always going to be a subset of loyal customers who are simply not the type to proactively share brand experiences and recommendations with others.

However, as marketers, there’s value in considering the ways that the customer journey is similar to the dating experience – particularly in terms of the role that trust, love, and devotion play. After all, the goal is to, hopefully, find lasting love… brand or otherwise.


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