Experience Fusion

Remove the limits on your research

Your customers, brand, and employees all co-exist, so should your strategies for success

Your vast amounts of data sit squarely at the intersection of it all, but sometimes you need more than a roadmap to navigate it. That’s why we developed Experience Fusion. This holistic approach identifies the hidden connections between your CX, BX, and EX – revealing a new level of awareness to help guide your strategy.

It can help you understand:

  • Why sales haveplateaued even though brand tracking metrics remain strong
  • What drives your brand’s health from both the customer and employee perspective
  • Why your customer base iseroding even though CX metrics are consistent
  • If the right metrics are being measured to help achieve your business goals
  • How share of voice and word of mouth impact the brand

    The answers to these questions likely already exist.

    It’s just a matter of looking to the right sources and making the right connections to find them.

      Featured Customer Story

      Unifying Experience Data into a Holistic Story

      One of our long-standing clients, a leading, nationwide health insurance company, needed a single source of knowledge about their enrollment process to guide company-wide strategic efforts. We helped develop an enrollment experience story by merging existing data, feedback, and insights across a wide variety of internal and external sources.

      The indirect links that may have been overlooked now become direct decision points

      Experience Fusion can unlock opportunities for strategic improvement that drive measurable growth, efficiency, and success. 

      Here’s how it works: We look to your existing research, in addition to developing new studies to address specific areas of consideration. Then we can layer in secondary research and proprietary studies to provide the most robust assessment possible.

      The result?  By fusing analysis of your brand and audiences across all fronts, we help you get the full picture across the entire organization. Experience Fusion informs decision-making for what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next.

      Turn observations into revelations .

      Featured Customer Story

      Seeing the Big Picture to Resolve Customer Pain Points

      One of our clients, a top U.S. banking institution, needed to uncover the common themes running through customer complaints to gain a high-level perspective on the most critical pain points. We worked with them to assess and synthesize findings from across their research programs along with internal and external feedback. With a clear picture of what matters most, they were able to develop and carry out strategic, cross-functional solutions.

      We’re Ready.

      Let us know how we can help.

      We’re Ready.

      Let us know how we can help.