Two Experiences, One Goal

The Intersection of CX & EX

There’s a community of experience revealed where customers and employees meet

Traditionally, companies have housed employee experience (EX) with Human Resources while customer experience (CX) has lived in a completely separate part of the business.  Often the paths never crossed. Effectively CX and EX were siloed from one another. 

Enter: Customer Centricity

So how do you break down the silos? Create the most customer-centric culture possible by putting your employees at the heart of it. When employees understand how they are the vital link to CX, they see the bigger picture, the bigger purpose. You see the synergy of a more unified community of experience. 

Where the CX and EX journeys intersect

We hear a lot about the customer journey, but employees are on a journey too. These are lanes that overlap and intersect showing the inherent connectivity between CX and EX.  

Those connections go beyond just frontline workers. Practically every employee makes an impact.

Watch this video to learn more about how everyone, at every level, contributes to the community of experience.

Imagine how employee experience could be enhanced and made more customer-centric if CX insights were shared out, applied, and aligned to EX initiatives. And vice versa. Employees have insights to share that may enlighten and inform CX for the better.

Company culture must be fueled by a combined focus on both CX and EX.  

The connection is clear. A recent survey found 85% of respondents agreed that improved EX and higher employee engagement meant better CX, higher customer satisfaction, and higher revenues.  

So how do you make it happen?  

Unlock the CX and EX connection to harmonize your business experience

Integrating CX and EX starts by viewing and interpreting employee feedback and experience through a CX lens. Understanding employee impact on CX at every stage enhances that customer-centric corporate culture.

Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Frontline employee interactions with customers 
  • Employee perceptions of new product developments 
  • Employee perceptions of key customer interactions
  • How employees understand and embrace the brand purpose

By necessity, this takes EX way beyond just that annual employee engagement survey, making it a much more robust feedback tool that is intertwined with CX.  

The real value found in this approach comes by making those indirect CX/EX linkages. Insights that only emerge when deploying an integrated customer-centric view. Think of it as an infinity loop that empowers and enhances EX and CX simultaneously. We call it Experience Fusion. Taking those indirect links and putting them to work to inform a holistic strategy that works for the betterment of your brand’s customers and employees.  

A CX/EX Success Story

Listen, Learn, Align:

CX & EX Become a Single Story

Integrating CX and EX is important in every industry, but it’s especially vital in the delivery of medical care. That’s why one of our clients reached out for our help in developing a CX/EX program for a national healthcare provider. One that would result in more connected patient and employee experiences.

What’s your view?

When it comes to CX and EX, is there mutual ownership in your organization? Or is it parceled out by department or job function? Our latest blog offers guidance on approaching CX and EX with a more holistic view to break down silos and get better results for both customers and employees. 

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