What We Do

Market Opportunity

Leverage knowledge about emerging trends and technology advancements in the marketplace to spark innovation, improvement, and growth.

Anticipate market-changing forces. Be inspired to transform.

Forward thinking organizations recognize the need to monitor activity beyond their own customers, brand, and product categories. We help you gather market intelligence and use it as fuel for growth.


Understand Your Consumer Segments

Uncover ways to better meet shifting consumer needs by understanding the differences in attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles among both current and future customers.


Keep a Watchful Eye on Competitive Activity

Gathering intelligence focused on close competitors can serve as a springboard for generating new products as well as enhancing your current offerings.


Assess Your Market OPPORTUNITY

Monitoring market developments, in and outside of your category, identifies avenues for growth, enabling you to envision your brand future and map out a path to get you there.

Let’s start a new project together.

Let’s start a new project together.


Market & Competitive Assessment

Gauge your position within the competitive set as a basis for strategic planning

Adjacent Markets

Discover where your brand needs to go to enrich customers and grow your business

Barriers to Entry

Identify factors limiting brand extensions, new product success, or other growth goals


Find groups in need of unique offerings or messaging to enhance CX

Consumer preferences and expectations are ever-evolving.

Be aware of what’s going on around you and how it influences your customer’s experience.


Gain new wisdom on how to grow your customer base and retain your business

Industry Analysis & Trends

Stay up on current trends, estimate market potential, and map out your brand’s future


Evaluate your options for brand extension, new categories, and product development

Market Sizing

Calculate market volume, track category leaders, and scope out regions ready for growth

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Win Loss Research: The Secret to Winning is Learning from Losses

Have you ever felt the sting of losing a customer to a competitor brand? Unfortunately, you’d be in good company. Even brands with the most loyal customer base are not immune to losing a sale to the competition. There is, however, a way to turn the pain of lost customers into a tremendous learning …

The Secret to Segmentation Research Success

The Secret to Segmentation Research Success

Market segmentation research sometimes gets a bad rap. For one, segment profiles tend to be more conceptual in nature than the results from other research studies. They also require careful interpretation and a fair amount of collaboration when putting them to use across your organization.


Your customers’ experience involves more than their direct engagement with your products and services. 

Expand your scope to include outside factors that have a role in influencing your customers’ perceptions, experiences, and expectations.


Which technology trends hold opportunities to elevate your customer experiences? How are competitor innovations shaping customer expectations? What behaviors and motivations are at play across your customer’s journey?

Our resource explores each of these key questions. You’ll learn valuable tips and techniques to help you take a step back and see your customers’ experiences from a broader perspective. 

Discover ways to enhance your CX by looking at the big picture.



We’re Ready.

Let us know how we can help.

We’re Ready.

Let us know how we can help.