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Big Tech is Coming for Your Industry

Big Tech is Coming for Your Industry

Today, many brands are facing new competitive threats from big tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple (FAMGA) as well as retail giants like Walmart. Big tech has been taking serious steps to enter new industries ranging from health insurance to healthcare, financial…


Spotlight on Gen Z: Getting to Know the Next Gen Banking Consumer


Digital Banking Research: It’s More Than UX Testing

Digital Banking Research: It’s More Than UX Testing

Without a doubt, consumer adoption of digital banking products, services and communication channels will continue accelerating. In fact, many industry experts predict that banking is moving toward becoming a digital-first customer experience. As that takes place, digital solutions will need to become more than alternate ways to complete common banking transactions.


“The DRG’s expert feedback helps to guide our efforts in the right direction to best benefit our business. We look forward to continued work with this trusted marketing research vendor.”

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