Brand Experience Research

Strong brands listen, learn, and evolve with customers
…and they stand the test of time.

Where to focus strategically

Brand health KPIs help you chart your brand’s progress and pinpoint where strategic attention should be focused to keep it moving forward. 

Research Topics
  • Brand Awareness & Familiarity
  • Consideration & Purchase Intent
  • Brand Purpose, Promise, & DEI Dimensions
  • Brand Equity


Gauging alignment between brand perceptions, promise, and purpose

Understanding which points of brand differentiation are most compelling

Assessing the perceived value of your brand

Ways to identify root causes

Assessing brand wellness, through a series of diagnostics, can reveal underlying factors that may be slowing down or preventing growth.

Research Topics
  • Buyer Decision Journey Moments
  • Advertising & Communication Effectiveness
  • Relationship Between Familiarity & Preference
  • Key Aspects of Customer Experience
  • Key Aspects of Employee Experience


Identifying effective ways to drive interest, acquisition, and retention

Understanding the factors influencing emotional brand relationships

Discovering potential options to refine key messaging

Assessing market potential (expanding vs. exiting markets)

How to stay relevant

Brands need to develop agility and build resilience so that they can respond quickly to shifting market dynamics and evolving trends.

Research Topics
  • Competitive Position
  • Brand Trust
  • Industry Advancements, Innovations
  • Adjacent or Other Industry Disruptors


Looking to competitive position to identify areas to improve

Gauging the impact of new developments on customer behavior

Understanding your share of voice

Evaluating the effect of activity and interactions on brand trust and reputation

Anticipating changing market forces that may require action

Featured Customer Story

Monitoring Brand Health to Improve Future Growth

One of our clients, a leading health system, needed to continue monitoring key aspects of brand health while identifying opportunities to expand brand equity beyond their core services. They also wanted to understand the impact of an emerging competitor on market share.

Analysis that tells a story

To help you gain the most value from your BX research investment, we focus on understanding the four key elements of developing effective and engaging stories

Uncovering genuine research insights is a collaborative process. It stems from a constant curiosity and the commitment to leave no stone unturned. To help your internal stakeholders make growth-orientated changes, research insights must do three things: educate, inspire, and motivate. With these storytelling elements in mind, we can help uncover the brand and market insights needed to fully meet your objectives.

It’s the difference between information and meaning.

Reputation, Relationships, Relevance

These are just a few factors that hinge on your audience trusting your brand.

At its core, trust is about forging emotional bonds. People want to believe in and trust the brands they buy from and work for, so the key is understanding the values that matter most to them. Knowing where you stand allows you to then pinpoint where those bonds can continue to be strengthened.


Brands resonate when relationships are built on trust.

Which facets of your organization does brand trust touch? All of them.

Which facets of your organization does brand trust touch? 

All of them.


“The DRG has been a valuable and reliable partner for several years. They are always willing to help us meet tight timelines and challenging recruiting requirements, and they have a smart and responsive team.”

~Full-Service Banking Organization

You don’t have to go it alone

Our relationships go beyond consultation and project execution. We work with clients to help answer critical business questions and move forward with confidence.

  • Collaborating to fully understand your business challenges and customer experience priorities
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Serving as an extension of your brand team

We make it our responsibility to focus on the details, so you can focus on what’s next.

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We’re Ready.

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