Customer Experience Research

Customer needs may change…
but the role of listening and learning from them will not

Where to focus strategically

Monitoring the elements of strong customer relationships helps you zero in on the foundations of future growth and deeper connections. 

Research Topics
  • Experiential (Satisfaction, Retention)
  • Aspirational (NPS, Advocacy, Loyalty)
  • Customer Emotions
  • Assessment of Key Journeys and Touchpoints


Uncovering North Star Metric performance and trend

Revealing areas of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction

Understanding the relationship customers have with your brand

Pinpointing key drivers of satisfaction and/or loyalty

Ways to identify root causes

Evaluating the quality of customer connections helps you discover critical moments with the potential to strengthen those bonds.

Research Topics
  • Transactional or Journey Experiences
  • Win-Loss
  • Segmentation
  • Product Evaluation
  • Key Aspects of Employee Experience
  • Key Aspects of Brand Experience


Identifying specific pain points within and across channels

Connecting results with business intelligence to identify opportunities for improvement

Understanding where efforts should be focused to grow acquisition and retention

Uncovering potential to improve personalization efforts in key customer segments

Validating that new products and services meet important customer needs

How to stay relevant

Keeping close watch over developments within and outside your industry assures that swift action can be taken to safeguard customer relationships and maintain relevance.

Research Topics
  • Competitive Position
  • Impact of Digital on the Experience
  • Impact of Regulatory Requirements
  • Level and Relevance of Personalization
  • Satisfaction with Companies in Adjacent and Other Industries


Keeping pace with innovations in digital experiences and personalization

Identifying areas of improvement based on competitive position

Understanding the impact of experiences with adjacent and outside industries

Evaluating how legal/regulatory requirements effect satisfaction

Featured Customer Story

Tracking Progress to Build Stronger Relationships

One of our clients, a top U.S. banking institution, engaged with us to help enhance and manage their ongoing CX research program. They needed a way to share timely insights that would guide strategic initiatives across the customer journey.

Turning Customer Experience Into a CX-Focused Culture

Increasingly, what you need to know about customers can and should also be informed by your employees’ experience.

We will work with you to view your CX and EX through a shared lens to focus on building a culture of enhanced customer centricity.

Our service can help you harness the valuable input of not only frontline workers, but all workers who impact CX. In that way EX feedback fuels CX to further harmonize the overall business experience.


“It is a pleasure working with The DRG. Every employee takes a vested interest in their customer. They truly want to help get the Voice of the Customer into research and understand the correct methodology to do so. The DRG takes an invested role in the project. They become a valued stakeholder within the project that the team can count on. Reports are clear and concise. Reports contain thought out interpretation.”

~Leading National Consumer Goods Client

Analysis that tells a story

To help you gain the most value from your CX research investment, we focus on understanding the four key elements of developing effective and engaging stories.

Uncovering genuine research insights is a collaborative process. It stems from a constant curiosity and the commitment to leave no stone unturned. To help your internal stakeholders make growth-orientated changes, research insights must do three things: educate, inspire, and motivate. With these storytelling elements in mind, we can help uncover the customer insights needed to fully meet your objectives.

It’s the difference between information and meaning.

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We’re Ready.

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