Shelley Ahrens

Chief Customer Officer

Finding answers to complex problems is Shelley’s passion. It’s what led her to a career in marketing research, and it’s what makes her excel as a leader.

Her leadership style is something like an Olympic coach. Having worked her way up through nearly every position in our Research Services group, she knows full well what it feels like to be in the heat of the race. And, like a world-class coach, she pushes her teams to reach their highest potential. She sets uncompromising standards for quality excellence, celebrates achievements, but then challenges her teams to reach even higher the next time.

As a member of our Senior Management Team, Shelley works to ensure The DRG is delivering on our promise to provide our clients intelligence they can trust. She does that by asking questions, relentlessly. What essential information do our clients need in order to make smarter business decisions in less time? How will the data we collect help our clients enhance the products and services they provide to their customers? By keeping these questions at the forefront of every DRGer’s mind, Shelley shows others how to always “look to the data” to find the answers needed.

When studying marketing at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Shelley instinctively recognized that marketing research was the field for her. It requires a perfect combination of logic, reason, creativity, and imagination. That just so happens to describe Shelley to a tee.

Outside the office, you may catch Shelley having fun at the dog park with her precious pups, Gomez and Eddy. She loves spending time with family, especially when she can spoil her nieces. Shelley also practices yoga, is an avid photographer, backyard gardener, and wine enthusiast. Red Zinfandel is her favorite, if you’re wondering.

“By listening to our clients’ business objectives, we strive to understand the unspoken problems in need of data-driven solutions.”


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