The Dieringer Research Group on Track for Continued Growth with Acquisition

MILWAUKEE, WI, MARCH 6, 2017 – The Dieringer Research Group, Inc. (The DRG) announced today their acquisition of Probe Research Services, another Wisconsin-based marketing research company. In business for nearly 45 years, The DRG provides marketing research consulting services to local and national companies in a variety of industries including healthcare and financial services. With this acquisition, The DRG is broadening their client base in these industries.    

Both The DRG and Probe Research share a common goal of helping clients solve their business challenges through high quality marketing research. According to Probe Research’s President, Eric Olsen, “As we near retirement, we wanted to find a company we could trust with our clients. We have known and respected The DRG for a long time and are confident they will provide the same level of service and consulting we have been providing our clients for over 30 years.” Liz Germanotta, Partner of Probe Research, added, “The DRG is a company with high integrity and vast experience in the industries we serve.”

“We are excited about this acquisition and the growth it brings to our company as well as the depth to our core industries,” said Lanie Johnson, President and CEO of The DRG. “We look forward to continuing the relationships Probe Research has cultivated and building on them with the additional services we offer.”

ABOUT THE DRG – The Dieringer Research Group’s (The DRG’s) custom research solutions gather intelligence to help companies build profitable brands, improve their products/services, optimize their marketing strategy, and keep customers at the center of their organization. With nearly 45 years of experience working with clients in a diverse mix of industries, The DRG’s goal is to uncover growth opportunities that enable companies to make smart decisions and optimize their bottom line.