Identifying Ways to Enhance Employee Experience

There are many benefits to fostering enriching employee experiences. An important one being its positive impact on retaining and attracting talented employees.

One of our clients, a leading investment capital firm, wanted to better understand to what degree their employees embrace company values and culture. By monitoring employee perceptions and job satisfaction, they hoped to uncover ways to enhance the employee experience and ultimately achieve key business objectives.

The Challenge

Measure employees’ perceptions of and engagement with the corporate culture to better understand:

Alignment between the employee experience and company values

Potential differences in engagement based on factors like job function or age

Opportunities to improve overall job satisfaction and engagement

The Research

An online survey that measured employee perceptions related to:

Meaningful work

Growth opportunities

Management support

Work environment

Company commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Results

Findings revealed core strengths in employees’ commitment to excellence and their relationships with managers while uncovering improvement areas focused on:

Communicating strategic objectives and organizational values

Addressing differences in perceptions of compensation based on job category

Providing resources to reduce stress and enhance work/life balance

Monitoring employee experience helps identify ways to enhance engagement with your company’s brand purpose and deepen understanding of their role in delivering excellent customer experiences.