10 Stats on Healthcare Consumers’ Reactions to COVID-19

10 Stats on Healthcare Consumers’ Reactions to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on consumer attitudes, expectations, and behaviors across many industries and there are indications that some changes may be lasting. Changing attitudes related to healthcare decisions, in particular, may lead to longer-term shifts in consumer perceptions and behavior. To better understand these potential shifts, we recently launched an online omnibus study, in partnership with one of our long-standing clients, Klein & Partners, to begin measuring how this global health crisis is impacting consumers’ healthcare attitudes and behaviors. Here are some key findings from Wave I of our study.

Attitudes toward the healthcare industry in reaction to COVID-19

  1. 52% express positive feelings toward their preferred healthcare providers, based on their handling of the global health crisis
  2. 50% have confidence in their primary doctor to manage their future health and well-being, based on their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. 30% are confident their health insurance company will help them effectively manage their future health and well-being
  4. 38% react positively to their healthcare providers having proactively cancelled or rescheduled elective appointments
  5. 24% feel positively about their healthcare provider being prepared for the influx of new patients
  6. 21% have seen their healthcare providers launch new innovative ways of delivering care/services

COVID-19’s impact on future healthcare behaviors

  1. 59% have had to cancel, postpone, or modify a scheduled healthcare appointment as a result of the coronavirus
  2. 39% will seriously consider using a live text/chat feature on a healthcare provider website in the future
  3. 21% definitely plan to conduct a virtual visit with a healthcare provider post-COVID-19
  4. Among those already personally impacted by the virus, 34% definitely plan to conduct a future virtual healthcare provider visit

As COVID-19 continues to impact all of our lives, consumers’ expectations regarding delivery of future healthcare services will likely continue to shift. While we’re seeing a willingness to adopt innovative care delivery channels, the fact is that healthcare organizations will need to adapt to meet their patients’ changing needs, perceptions, and expectations in a post-pandemic world, and beyond.


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