Captivating Audiences with an Inspired Rebrand

There are many reasons an organization might undergo a rebranding effort. New market expansion, refreshing a dated brand image, or a recent merger are just a few.

One of our ad agency clients was developing a rebranding strategy for a non-profit healthcare provider. The provider acquired two additional providers, creating a partnership combining their suite of services to reach a broader, nationwide audience. Our client needed to understand the brand perceptions across the three healthcare providers to craft an integrated positioning, brand identity, and new name.

The Challenge

Gather feedback across a diverse target audience of patients, staff, community constituents, and donors to:

Uncover the core strengths, key values, and unique benefits of the newly merged entity

Evaluate reactions to new brand positioning statements

Understand the emotional associations with new brand name options

The Research

A three-part, hybrid qualitative/quantitative study including:

In-depth interviews

A series of focus groups

An online survey

The groups took place at the providers’ facilities and were moderated remotely to encourage participation and manage costs.

The Results

Findings helped guide development of a compelling, deeply meaningful, and cohesive brand positioning. They also provided valuable insights that helped our client:

Refine the vision, mission, and core values of the newly created organization

Craft a brand name to communicate the breadth of services that appeals across all generations

Develop key messaging to convey a stronger sense of community

When undergoing a rebranding effort, listening to your target audience can provide deep insights and help guide development of a stronger, more compelling positioning, brand identity, and key messaging.