Monitoring Brand Health to Improve Future Growth

Leading brands, who are closely associated with a specific area of expertise, may find it challenging to broaden their brand equity to encompass a greater breadth of products or services.

One of our clients, a leading health system, needed to continue monitoring key aspects of brand health while identifying opportunities to expand brand equity beyond their core services. They also wanted to understand the impact of an emerging competitor on market share.

The Challenge

Better understand the brand’s position within the competitive landscape of healthcare providers

Evaluate consumers’ healthcare provider selection process and monitor shifts in relative importance of decision criteria

Identify opportunities to strengthen brand perceptions and monitor competitive threats

The Research

Online tracking to monitor progress on:

Key brand performance measures including awareness, consideration, use, and advocacy

Brand perceptions and satisfaction across various types of care

Awareness and familiarity with campaign messaging and corresponding media sources

The Results

Confirmed brand’s leadership position in the market in terms of brand awareness

Uncovered need to promote key ancillary offerings and digital services as priority gateways to influence consideration and usage when selecting a provider

Identified opportunity to broaden brand equity and protect leadership position with compelling marketing and ad messaging

Your brand’s health is dictated by your consumers. Marketing research can help you better listen to them, understand their experiences, and uncover new opportunities to build lasting brand relationships.