Unifying Experience Data Into a Holistic Story


Unifying Experience Data Into a Holistic Story

Business Need

As organizations strive to enhance CX, it’s important that decision makers understand the customer journey from all viewpoints to ensure their products and services align with evolving customer needs. One of our long-standing clients, a leading, nationwide health insurance company, needed to leverage the wealth of research, insights, and knowledge surrounding their enrollment process to help guide strategic planning and performance tracking.

We helped them by integrating critical information across their CX and EX research programs, competitive intelligence, and internal business data. From this, we developed a holistic story of the enrollment experience.

Core objectives included:

  • Developing a complete research roadmap across the enrollment process
  • Uncovering connections between employee, consumer, employer, and broker experiences impacting enrollment
  • Addressing critical pain points across all constituents, with a focus on CX and EX
  • Supporting development of a cross-functional action plan to enhance the enrollment experience for all involved


The DRG worked with our client to gather their wealth of information surrounding the enrollment process. This included synthesizing key insights from satisfaction tracking studies, feedback from online communities, and numerous proprietary research studies.

We then incorporated input from insurance brokers, competitive intelligence resources, and internal business statistics to develop a cohesive enrollment experience story.

Our analysis uncovered important connections between the customer’s point of view, employee interactions, and external factors giving our client a broader perspective which guided their strategic planning and continuous improvement efforts.


Key insights based on a deeper understanding of the complete enrollment experience included:

  • Seeing that consumers’ definition of enrollment goes beyond signing up to include research, comparing options, and asking questions
  • Uncovering relationships between consumer and employee pain points calling for coordinated resolution strategies
  • Gathering valuable feedback from customers and employees on ways to improve the overall process and enhance brand perception