Tracking Progress to Build Stronger Relationships

Customer expectations are increasing faster than ever with more immediate impact on brand perceptions and loyalty. Companies need to be able to pinpoint shifts as they happen and pivot quickly.

One of our clients, a top U.S. banking institution, engaged with us to help enhance and manage their ongoing CX research program. They needed a way to share timely insights that would guide strategic initiatives across the customer journey.

The Challenge

Evolve the program from an end-to-end study to a more strategic source of truth on what is most important to the customer by:

Closely monitoring changes in their overall relationship with the brand

Tracking leading indicators of brand loyalty

Share critical information across the organization to drive continuous improvement

The Research

A tracking program that:

Assesses the bank’s strengths against the competitive landscape

Integrates text analytics adding meaningful context to structured data

Makes data easily accessible across the organization via dashboarding platform

The Results

Findings are linked to transactional studies telling a holistic CX story and supporting strategic initiatives, like:

Improving omnichannel experiences

Refining and designing services and resources to align with evolving customer needs

Addressing critical needs of high-priority customer segments

Socializes findings across the bank to drive proactive change

Tracking studies are an essential tool helping marketers stay in tune with customer expectations, continually enhance experiences, and communicate in relevant, meaningful ways.