Ron Rawski

Chief Information Officer

Ron is someone who’s always on the search for a better solution. During his tenure here, Ron has been instrumental in advancing The DRG’s technology infrastructure, implementing rigid security and compliance protocols, and enhancing the capabilities of our Research Centers. He’s our resident champion for automation and process efficiencies. Evidence of that can be seen in every online survey, heard in every phone interview, and witnessed in every focus group conducted at The DRG.

As one of members on our Senior Management Team, Ron plays an integral role in setting The DRG’s growth strategy, business goals, and key directives. He leads, not by telling people what to do, but by guiding them to find new ways of doing things when unexpected challenges arise. Ron’s known for his quick wit and sense of comedic timing, which comes from an innate talent for improvisation. He uses that skill to nurture a deeply collaborative work environment, where team members learn to build off of one another’s contributions. That creates an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and leads teams to achieve together what individuals would not be able to do alone.

Ron believes the opportunities for our employees are limitless, because that’s been his experience here.

He became a DRGer in 2001, as an IT specialist. At the same time, he pursued his degree in Business Management at Cardinal Stritch University. Today, he sets the course for the company’s technological innovations.

When he’s not leading his teams to invent the future, Ron loves spending time with his wife and their two sons. On the weekends, you may pass him on the bike trails, or run into him at a vintage record store.

“To make informed decisions, first tap into the experience and expectations of those around you.”


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