Lanie Johnson

President, Chief Executive Officer

There are two types of people in the world, those who get stuff done and those who tell you why they can’t. Guess which one Lanie is? Her action-oriented mindset has driven Lanie to lead our teams to achieve many milestones at The DRG. A big part of her job is working with the Senior Management Team to lay out a roadmap for the company’s future and guide the strategic planning that leads us to achieve our goals.

Lanie often uses the analogy of amplifying the consumer’s voice to describe the purpose of marketing research. She believes an insight is only meaningful if it helps our clients “hear” their customers more clearly. When we can do that, we make our client’s job easier. They can take the intelligence we deliver and swiftly turn it into ways to improve their customers’ experiences.

As a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, with a degree in Computer Science & Statistics, Lanie started her career at a global employee benefits consulting firm. After three years of invaluable experience and a first baby on the way, she felt the need to find a work home that would provide the kind of work-life balance she desired. The DRG was a perfect fit. The family-first work culture her father, Bob Dieringer, helped create, paired with The DRG’s relentless pursuit of exceptional client service and quality, was exactly what Lanie was searching for. She started at the ground floor, programming surveys and processing data – the rest is history.

When she’s not logged-in at work, Lanie loves spending time with family. She and her husband were permanent fixtures in the stands at both of their two sons’ basketball and baseball games, as they were growing up. These days, she loves watching college sports, biking, taking on home remodeling projects, and spending time with her husband on the beach, near their home in north-eastern Florida. 

“What we do, matters. What each one of us does, in business or in life, matters.”


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