Segmentation Leads to Stronger Brand Relationships

Making sense of your customers’ experience is a complex, ongoing endeavor. Establishing a customer segmentation strategy is one way to better understand their key differences.

A health insurance provider wanted to identify distinct segments of their customers, recognizing that not all companies have the same health benefit needs.

The Challenge

Identify key factors impacting the selection of health insurance providers.

Uncover unmet needs to find ways to better serve customers.

Develop a segmentation scheme to use when profiling customers and prospects.

The Research

Quantitative study with employee benefits decision-makers.

Multiple unique segments were identified, based on the data analysis and segmentation modeling.

Segments were chosen based on: business outlook and company firmographics, key health insurance purchase criteria, and level of responsibility toward providing employee health care benefits.

The Results

Customized proposal development and benefit package design to ensure products meet customers’ specific needs.

Developed customized marketing communications, customer service training, and new product offerings based on a deeper understanding of each segment.

Segmentation research helps brand marketers and internal stakeholders better understand their customers by identifying key factors that groups of customers have in common. This knowledge gives you the ability to refine your products and services, design new offerings that more closely meet your customers’ needs, and target communications to ensure relevancy.