Seeing the Big Picture to Resolve Customer Pain Points


Seeing the Big Picture to Resolve Customer Pain Points

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Business Need

Reacting quickly to a customer concern is essential. However, without a coordinated approach to identify and resolve the root cause of critical pain points, an individual situation may be fixed while the underlying problem remains. A holistic approach tackles the issue from all fronts – to look for solutions impacting not only customers, but employees, and the brand overall.

One of our clients, a top U.S. banking institution, needed to synthesize its customer pain point knowledge into a single resource. This would be used to guide development of coordinated action plans to improve the problem resolution process and become more effective at improving customer satisfaction.

Specific objectives included:

  • Identifying existing, high-priority, yet unresolved points of friction
  • Uncovering hidden sources of frustration impacting CX
  • Providing clarity and insight regarding potential barriers to resolving customer complaints
  • Prioritizing improvement efforts to ensure the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty


The DRG integrated data from over 20 sources including research among consumers and B2B customers across channels, satisfaction tracking, employee feedback, and customer complaints.

We also met with key stakeholders to layer in insights and the status of current customer issues already being addressed.

Our analysis identified the intersection points between business units impacting customer satisfaction and the areas where coordinated responses were most needed.


As a result of this comprehensive analysis, our client was able to focus improvement efforts on four key areas with confidence: technology, channel integration, breadth of client service, and personalized communications. 

Specific action items were further prioritized based on the volume of customers impacted, the nature of customer complaints, and the likelihood that improvement efforts would successfully drive loyalty.