Meet the DRG Team – Jill Carnick

Meet the DRG Team – Jill Carnick

At The DRG, we strive to develop strong relationships with our clients. Getting to know them personally and truly understanding their business goals and the challenges they face helps us better serve our clients’ needs. By the same token, we think it helps our clients when they can get a glimpse into what drives us to do the work we do.

In our Meet the Team series, we ask team members to describe their experiences working at The DRG and share their passion for marketing research. Here, we introduce you to Jill Carnick, a Senior Account Director and member of our Business Development team.

Tell us about what you do as a Senior Account Director, here at The DRG.

My primary role involves consulting with our clients to understand their business objectives and designing research solutions that deliver the critical information they need to drive business forward. That involves asking the right questions to make sure we understand the challenges clients are facing and pinpointing how marketing research can help them make sound business decisions.

Once a study is ready to kick off, I provide guidance to project teams throughout the research process, from questionnaire development to report delivery. It’s my job to ensure our research findings tell a compelling story and identify growth opportunities for our clients. A big part of that involves collaborating with our clients on how to leverage the insights gained to strengthen their brand and enhance customer experiences.

I also play a big role on the business development side by working to deepen relationships with current clients while simultaneously cultivating new ones.

How did you first become interested in marketing research as a career path?

When I was in college, I worked in a call center for a marketing research company. During my time there, I was always curious to learn how the information I gathered was being used to help clients improve their businesses. As I began to learn about the many ways marketing research can help companies grow and prosper, I knew that a career in marketing research is what I wanted to do for a living. I wanted to be involved in every phase of the research process, not just at the data collection stage.

What do you like most about working in marketing research? 

I love collaborating with clients to better understand their problems as well as the barriers to finding a solution. I’m very passionate about helping clients leverage customer information to grow their business. The beauty of conducting primary marketing research is the ability to be quite specific and get to the heart of a problem. At The DRG, we are able to structure a survey in such a way that we can get down to a very detailed level. That level of personalization allows us to give our clients exactly what they need – targeted intelligence addressing their unique business situation.

At The DRG, our tagline is “Turning Intelligence into Opportunity.” What does that mean to you?

I interpret our tagline in two different ways. First, it speaks directly to our commitment to turning the intelligence we gather into opportunities for our clients to pursue. Whether it’s refining a new product, improving communication messaging, or identifying high-priority growth markets, I feel our tagline speaks to the wealth of opportunities that marketing research can uncover for our clients.

Additionally, our tagline works from an internal perspective. Since 1974, we’ve built on the cumulative knowledge and expertise we’ve developed with each client partnership and new project. Every day, we strive to turn our collective intelligence and expertise into opportunities for growth-based on smart, data-driven insights. We make it a point to grow smarter every day so we can pass along that knowledge to our clients.

What excites you most about the changes taking place in the marketing research industry?

It excites me to see our industry continuing to raise the bar when it comes to developing innovative methods of collecting feedback such as online communities, co-creation strategies, and advancements in online qualitative research opportunities. Marketing researchers are using these methods more and more frequently and in many different ways. For instance, we’re becoming better able to leverage technology to collect feedback with greater reach and efficiency. Additionally, we’re able to better align our research methods with the target audience as new options become available.

It’s such an exciting time to be working in marketing research! I think back to the time when phone surveys were the dominant methodology and budgets were rather expensive, comparatively. We can be much more creative with our marketing research solutions today. With so many innovative ways to gather customer feedback to fit a wide range of budget levels, the opportunities to leverage powerful research insights have opened up dramatically. That’s what makes my job so personally fulfilling every day.


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