Have You Heard? It’s Global CX Day!

Have You Heard? It’s Global CX Day!

Every day is a customer experience day, but today we’re celebrating Global CX Day. Back in 2013, the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) set aside October 2nd as a day to celebrate the customer experience profession. It’s an opportunity for companies to formally recognize the advancements of the CX profession and their employees who work hard to deliver great customer experiences every day. Last year, over 150 companies across 12 industries participated in local networking events, company celebrations, and CXPA online events. Here are some of the activities happening today:

Local Networking Events

CX professionals have organized local events in cities across the U.S. and around the world. For example, in Boston, athenahealth is hosting an event where attendees will learn about Customer Journey Map best practices and participate in roundtable discussions targeted to their organization’s current journey mapping maturity. Click here to check out what’s happening in other cities.

Company Celebrations

Many companies are celebrating the day by showcasing internal successes and sharing the latest CX strategies across their organizations. At Microsoft, employees are being treated to an on-site breakfast followed by a series of presentations touting the excellent work their employees have been doing to improve customers’ experiences. They’ll also have the opportunity to join in panel discussions with internal technology experts to learn about their customer’s biggest CX challenges and opportunities. Read here to learn what other companies have planned.

CXPA Online Events

Beginning last week, the CXPA has been hosting a series of online events, webinars and a Twitter Chat (using #CXDay2018) to share content from CX thought leaders on topics ranging from the future of CX to professional development.

Celebrating CX at The DRG

A key focus of CX Day is recognizing the critical role employees play in delivering excellent customer experiences. In addition to the right training, tools, and resources, employees need to clearly understand and embrace their role in shaping the customer experience, whether they have direct customer interaction or behind the scenes. Celebrating employee successes and recognizing the hard work it takes to consistently deliver superior customer experience is one way an organization can demonstrate their commitment to CX.

Another way to foster a CX-focused mindset with employees is to encourage continuous education on CX strategies and best practices. Along those lines, we’re excited to host the October CXPA Milwaukee Chapter meeting, on October 11th. We’ll be sharing our thinking on the relationship between employee experience (EX) and customer experience with Milwaukee area CX professionals. In our presentation, The Harmonizing of EX and CX, we illustrate the dramatic impact employee behaviors and actions have on CX and ultimately, key business outcomes.

CX Day Ideas You Can Use

Whether you’re already participating in a CX Day activity today or want to start thinking about creating your own way to celebrate CX excellence in the future, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Create unique CX awards to honor examples of stellar CX efforts among your employees
  • Cater an employee breakfast and/or lunch to recognize stand-out CX experiences your team has provided
  • Conduct small group discussions to share examples of CX successes and brainstorm ways your teams can further enhance your customers’ experiences

Demonstrating your commitment to superior CX across your organization is an important part of maintaining a strong CX program. That can include employee recognition efforts, sharing examples of CX success stories internally, or encouraging CX-focused employee development and education. You certainly don’t have to wait for the next Global CX Day to get started. Consider taking a moment today to reflect on some of the ways you and your employees deliver positive customer experiences and find a simple way to recognize those efforts.



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