Are You Engaging Employees in Authentic, Purpose-Driven Ways?

Are You Engaging Employees in Authentic, Purpose-Driven Ways?

Like most companies, The DRG recognizes the importance of fostering dynamic employee engagement across our organization. There are a myriad of ways to do so, but to be most effective you need to express appreciation in authentic and unique ways. Here’s an inside look at some of the ways we are engaging employees while demonstrating a few of our core values in the process.

Conscious Creativity Broadens Perspectives

Fostering an innovative mindset is essential to maintaining individual and company growth.  One of the events during our 2017 ‘Employee Appreciation Week’ is a perfect example of how we recently demonstrated this belief.

  • DRG Family Feud: We surveyed employees on their opinions about various aspects of daily life at The DRG, from questions like, “What is the one thing you appreciate most about DRG employees?” to “Who is most likely to step out of their role and say yes to help?” Our HR team then took the results and created a ‘DRG Family Feud’ game show, which we played during a company luncheon event.  It turned out to be a celebration of individual skills and personalities.  Everyone had a lot of fun brainstorming answers in this light-hearted, team-building experience.
  • What you can do: Find creative ways to celebrate what is authentically unique about your company culture, based on the contributions your employees bring to their work and their relationships with co-workers.  These are the elements that ultimately lead to your company’s success and differentiation.
Giving to Others Gives Back to Us All

Companies that provide ways to make a difference in the larger community as well as within their organization help instill a sense of belonging and common purpose among their employees.  This is something we try to practice throughout the year. Here’s a recent example of a DRG community event that raised awareness for a lesser-known cause.

  • Lucky Mutts Rescue Donation Drive: We collected donations for this non-profit, volunteer dog rescue organization in Southeastern WI that delivered needed items to support animal shelters impacted by Hurricane Harvey. By organizing the drive and delivering the donations, we made it easy for our employees to contribute to an important and often overlooked cause.
  • What you can do: Look for opportunities to reach out to your community and give employees simple ways to share their talents and resources beyond the office walls. 

Every Day is a Chance to Grow Smarter

Too often, companies can fall into a silo mentality where employees have limited awareness of what takes place in other departments.  Employees can benefit tremendously from learning how teams outside of their functional area have dealt with challenges.

  • Project Spotlight: We regularly spotlight client projects in our internal company newsletter, sharing an overview of a study with all employees. This helps inspire us to learn from each other and to enhance future projects based on past successes and learning experiences. It’s also a great way to celebrate examples of collaboration and teamwork, especially when we can top it off with direct client feedback, whenever available. 
  • What you can do: Find ways to educate and inspire employees above and beyond formal training programs. Encourage employees to think beyond their individual roles and incorporate successful problem-solving strategies from fellow employees, regardless of job description. 

Fostering meaningful employee engagement goes beyond basic practices like conducting job satisfaction surveys or handing out employee awards.  Companies that find unique and unexpected ways to enrich their employees’ work experiences will benefit in both direct and indirect ways.  Increased loyalty, greater dedication to company success, and lower turnover are just some of the outcomes of an engaged workforce.  When a company values their employees in an authentic way, everybody wins.  It’s a mindset that translates to delivering the same experience of respect and value to your customers.


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