11 Stats on Customer Experience Deal Breakers to Avoid

11 Stats on Customer Experience Deal Breakers to Avoid

Everybody makes mistakes, and we all deserve a second chance. However, when it comes to meeting customer expectations, there are some areas where a misstep can mean losing out on a sale, or worse, losing a customer for good. We call those customer experience deal breakers. Some things are obvious deal breakers, like overbilling a customer and not quickly resolving the error with a sincere apology. Other times, what may seem like a relatively minor issue can lead to a serious customer experience problem. For instance, according to Amazon, a single second slowdown in web page load time could add up to a $1.6 billion loss in annual revenue. That’s a lot of CX deals broken.

We’ve pulled together 11 revealing statistics to illustrate the negative impact customer experience deal breakers can have on your brand relationships and ultimately, the bottom line. They include things like frustrating interactions with branded content, invasive personalization tactics, and the consequences of poor customer service. But, before you get scared away by all that could go wrong, there’s good news to consider. All CX deal breakers have one thing in common. They’re avoidable.

Moral of the CX Deal Breaker Story

Customer expectations are climbing higher every day, with no end in sight. As a result, when a brand fails to meet CX expectations, the risk of losing a customer is that much greater. It takes a lot of time and effort to build strong brand relationships. By conducting strategic customer experience research, you can keep a watchful eye on your customer interactions, avoid the pitfalls of serious customer experience deal breakers, and have the chance to correct any missteps before it’s too late.


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