Get to Know the Next Generation: 24 Stats About Gen Z

Get to Know the Next Generation: 24 Stats About Gen Z

Gen Z, the generation born roughly between 1997 and 2015 (ages 3 to 21 in 2018) currently make up over a quarter of the U.S. population. They are expected to be the most ethnically diverse generation and already influence over $166 billion worth of household spending. As this generation continues to mature and starts to make their mark on society, it’s important for marketers to get to know Generation Z better. Here are 24 stats from a cross-section of studies among Gen Zers ranging from 13 to 22 years of age, that shed light on who they are and what’s important to them.

Count on mobile connectivity

  1. 95% of Gen Z (ages 13-22) have a smartphone (Source)
  2. 66% frequently use more than one device at a time (Source)
  3. 44% are on their smartphone after midnight once a week or more (Source)

Prize their privacy

  1. 55% want to decide what information to share with brands (Source)
  2. 54% want control over how brands contact them (Source)
  3. Less than 30% are willing to share health, location, personal life, or payment information (Source)

Excited by tech, but impatient when it underperforms

  1. 73% are currently using, can’t wait to try, or probably will try voice-activated ordering (Source)
  2. 71% interested in using automatic replenishment programs (Source)
  3. 62% will not use an app or website that is hard to navigate (Source)
  4. 60% will not use an app or website that is too slow to load (Source)

Well-informed shoppers

  1. 75% check a store’s app while they’re shopping inside the store (Source)
  2. 73% follow 1 or more brands on social media (Source)
  3. 68% read 3 or more reviews before buying something for the first time with their own money (Source)
  4. 63% expect retailers to have a social media presence (Source)
  5. 47% use their phone while in-store to price check and contact family & friends for advice (Source)
  6. 46% follow 10 or more influencers on social media (Source)
  7. 46% agree friends’ recommendations matter when choosing a brand (Source)

Consumers with a conscience

  1. 59% prefer shopping at local retailers over big-box retailers (Source)
  2. 50% feel that knowing a brand is socially conscious influences their purchase decision (Source)
  3. 47% stopped buying a favorite brand after learning it didn’t produce environmentally friendly products (Source)

Interested in co-creating with brands

  1. 60% believe it’s important for brands to value their opinions (Source)
  2. 44% interested in submitting ideas for new product designs (Source)
  3. 43% would participate in product reviews (Source)
  4. 36% would create digital content for a brand (Source)

As Gen Z begins to enter the workforce and become fully independent consumers, marketers will need to adapt by creating increasingly personalized omnichannel experiences. That means finding ways to seamlessly incorporate digital interactions within physical consumer spaces while enabling open communication across the entire consumer journey. Marketers can start actively engaging with and better understanding Generation Z today. By embracing Gen Z’s growing desire to co-create with the brands they trust, marketers will be ready to create new forms of customer experiences to meet this emerging generation’s unique needs.


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