The DRG Focus Center

In 2011, The DRG opened a 4,000+ square foot Focus Center for conducting in-person focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs). Located at our headquarters in the Milwaukee suburbs, the Focus Center was designed and built around our clients’ needs, incorporating the latest technology.

Focus Center Snapshot
Two spacious focus group rooms that seat 12+ participants
In-depth interview room with seating for up to 4
Each has an observation room with one-way mirror
Client lounge and office
Telephone recruiters trained on techniques to effectively interact with respondents and obtain their participation
In-house panel of Milwaukee area residents available to use for recruiting
Experienced team of moderators and analysts to lead qualitative discussions
Digital recordings provided via DVD or USB flash drive
Online viewing capabilities for observing live discussions remotely

As a full-service marketing research firm, The DRG also provides discussion guide consultation and development, transcription, and analysis and reporting services.

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The DRG Focus Center is proud to be ranked as a Top Rated facility in the 2014 Impulse Survey.

"The DRG Focus Center is EXCELLENT! We conduct groups around the country...your facility ranks at the top. Truly a great experience...We will be back!"

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