In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDIs) explore the nuances of what people think, feel and experience in a semi-structured interview format. Analysts probe to understand in "rich detail" the surrounding product/service experiences, expectations and ideas. Always conducted in a confidential setting, respondents are at liberty to convey controversial or sensitive information they would otherwise not feel comfortable communicating.

In-depth interviews are conducted via telephone, onsite or at a pre-arranged location. We flex around the respondent to obtain the information we need at their convenience, offering early morning, late evening and weekend appointment times.

The DRG has broad industry experience conducting in-depth interviews, utilizing both in-person and telephone methodologies. We have the means to conduct all aspects of a given interview project in-house, but also have the flexibility to work in tandem with our clients to recruit respondents, schedule appointments, conduct interviews, administer incentives, transcribe the interviews, analyze the findings and offer actionable insights for an executive audience.

Experienced In-depth Interviewers:
DRG analysts have conducted in-depth interviews on a wide range of topics:

  • Local, national and international studies
  • Brand name, logo and package testing
  • New product/service evaluation
  • Needs analysis
  • Advertising testing
  • Emerging technology use and perceptions
  • Program and process evaluations
  • Plus many other study types!
We've Interviewed
IT Managers, Directors, CTOs, CIOs
C-Level Execs: CEOs, COOs, CFOs
Facility and Plant Managers
Benefits Managers
Physicians, Nurses, other Clinical Staff
Insurance Agents/Brokers
Channel Partners
Healthcare Patients
Retail Customers